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Fairy Godmother, INC

Our Mission

Fairy Godmother, Inc is a nonprofit organization that provides girls in foster care & in financial need with attire for school events such as prom and scholarship interviews while also building relationships with connecting these girls to the community to build a deeper, wider foundation of resources.

Do you remember that pivotal moment in Cinderella, the scene where she cries in despair because she can’t go to the ball; she has no friends or family to turn to and she’s just devastated? Then, almost out of nowhere, her Fairy Godmother comes into focus and gives Cinderella a gorgeous dress and some killer shoes.

That scene! What we don’t see is the TRUE gift her Godmother gave her which was the confidence to get up and go to the ball and ultimately change her life. That right there is why we’re here. We love to give out gowns and make girls feel like a princess but ultimately our goal is to create a relationship with these clients and be a forever resource; someone in their corner they can call on when their in a moment of despair.

We give our clients with the dress, the great shoes, the accessories for a fun, nostalgic night while also providing them the confidence of a friend and a community that cares.

All of the counties we serve
All of the counties we serve

Right to left: Amanda Anders, Stephanie McGrew, Jenn Vaughn, Stephanie Mills, Lacey Athon, April Wilson

We couldn’t do it without some of our partners. Fairy Godmother has been in existence for 7 years now but we don’t do it alone.

The Newman Catholic Center has graciously donated their space for us for our major fundraisers.

Manhattan Color Bar, Ashley and Casey, for always saving room in the schedules for our clients for updos and make-up.

Evey Lynn Bridal for spearheading the NEW with tags dress donation of over 1,000 gowns! THANK YOU.

Lone Star Physiques for providing support at each event and sponsoring our clients!

Jaylena’s Salon, Ashley and Denise, for assisting us in our events but also leaving room in their schedules for our clients.

To Die For Bakery for ALWAYS providing us with pies after pies after pies. These ladies are simply amazing and wonderful to work with each and every time.